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Company Registration in Seychelles

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1. Offshore companies in Seychelles

Seychelles provide various kinds of financial services, including offshore banks, investment and insurance service. International commercial companies’ sale price is not high and they are very convenient, so they may be the most populous companies which can be used widely without much restrictions.

2. Registration regulations of offshore companies in Seychelles:

International commercial companies must hire at least one personal or legal director and shareholder. Directors or senior managers of the company may not be shareholders of the company, and there is no nationality and location restrictions. Local companies get used to appointing a secretary, but it is not compulsory. Besides, the company must set registration office and registration agents in Seychelles.

3. Registration address of offshore companies must be located in Seychelles.

4. Names of offshore companies:

The names chosen can’t be the same or similar as those registered names. Besides, the company names can’t contain words related to Seychelles government or insurance unless additionally applying for relevant licenses.

5. Nominal and real capital of offshore companies:

The nominal capital is generally US$100,000, which is the highest nominal registration capital regulated by the government. Nominal and real capitals can be any currency. The minimum real capital is one share with or without denomination.

6. Financial statement of offshore companies: no specific requirements.

7. Tax declaration of offshore companies:

International commercial companies don’t have to record any annual reports, accounting items or financial statements and all the offshore companies don’t have to declare or pay taxes.

8. Shareholders of offshore companies:

At least two shareholders, who may be a natural person or legal person in any nation.

9. Directors of offshore companies:

At least one director, who may be a natural person or legal person in any nation and don’t have to live in Seychelles.

10. Secretary of offshore companies:

Offshore companies don’t have to appoint a secretary, but generally most of them appoint one. Besides, if appointed, the secretary can be a natural person or legal person or non-Seychelles residents.

11. Time required for the registration of offshore companies:

It may take approximately 20 days to complete all the procedures.

12. Documents required to be provide by clients:

ID card or Copy of passport and the address identification document, such as hydroelectric power bills.

13. Comparisons between Seychelles, BVI companies:

The operation process and practicability of Seychelles and BVI offshore companies are the same, but the former enjoys higher confidentiality of clients’ information. Besides, Seychelles companies can issue unregistered capital stocks, so it is the newest hot spot for overseas company registration.