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Notice for Trademark Registration

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Any visible marks that can distinguish the commodity can be applied as a trademark, including words, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional marks and colors, and their combination.

However, the following marks can not be used as trademarks:

1. The name of the country, the national flag, the national emblem, the military flag, the same or similar medal, and the similar name or figure of a landmark building of the specific place or where the government department is located;

2. Same or similar to the name, flag, or emblem of an international organization;

3. Same or similar to the official mark and test mark indicating the implementation of control and assurance;

4. Same or similar to the name and logo of an international organization such as "Red Cross" or "Red Crescent";

5. Ethnic discrimination;

6. Exaggerated propaganda and deceptive;

7. The common names, graphics and models of the commodity are consistent (for example: computers, pens, briefcases, etc.);

8. Marks that directly indicate the quality, the main raw materials, functions, usage, weight, quantity and other characteristics of the goods.