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US Company Registration

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Registering a US company may be the quickest way to make the company be a real international enterprise. The United States owns the most developed market mechanism and the biggest consuming market around the world. So registering a US company and setting up a basic business organization are the key steps for domestic companies to explore international market.

US is the largest goods and service trade country around the world, the immigration hot spot of various countries, as well as the most economic developed country. Thus, it’s the dream of many people to establish their own companies, develop their business there and finally become US residents.

Establishing a company in each state in the United States requires complex procedures and the company must be registered in accordance with the laws of the municipal, state, and federal governments. At present, all walks of life in the United States have their own independent industry laws, and operators in each industry are required to follow their industry regulations to deal with business. There are company registration departments in 50 states in the United States, where different documents and different fees are required.

Registration funds is not required for US company registration. The initial investment can be optional. Besides, the amount of initial investment is not required to provide when registering companies, but the amount of initial share issue should be declared, and the company’s stock can be added any time after the company is established.

Benefits to register US companies:

1. Beneficial to establish an international brand and enhance the efficiency of the company;

2. Beneficial to avoid foreign exchange controls and facilitate investment;

3. Convenient for international trade and avoiding tariff barriers;

4. Beneficial to simply the company management, and there is no need to open the general meeting of shareholders;

5. Beneficial to enhance competitiveness and reduce trade risks in cooperation with US companies;

6. Beneficial to obtain a visa and convenient for business activities;

7. Beneficial to overseas expansion and reverse investment;

8. Simple to maintain the company and avoid legal tax;

9. Convenient registration and information confidentiality.

Requirements to Register US Companies:

1. Documents submission: Identification documents, valid ID cards or passports of at least one company shareholder and director should be provided. Shareholders are required to be at least 18 years old. If the shareholder is a legal person, a copy of the company's business license and proof of identity of the legal representative are required.

2. Company Names:Three US company names (in English) should be provided, which can be freely chosen, as long as there is no duplicate names of the query.


3. The company's registered capital: There is no need for the capital verification. US states have different requirements for registered capital, generally $3,000. When the company is registered, it is also necessary to explain the amount of shares issued when establishing the company, generally 3,000 to 50,000 shares. Besides, after the company is established, the number of shares issued can also be increased. For example, the registered capital of California is $50,000, Delaware $3,000, New York State$50,000, and Nevada $50,000. Those are the standard registry.

4. Registered address will be provided by the company.

5. Registered state of the US company should be determined.

6. Business scope: The business scope of the US company is not limited.

Registered Procedures:

1. Submit identification information of shareholders;

2. Sign the agreement;

3. Pay a 50% deposit;

4. Deal with the formalities to various departments by the company;

5. Fax or scan the registered documents;

6. Pay the balance;

7. Send a full set of formal materials.

Standard Fees:

The cost to register US companies varies from state to state. Please contact us for specific consultation (including government registration certificate fees, materials fees, company seals fees, transportation courier and professional registration services fees).

Ways of Payment:

50% of the standard quotation should be payed as the deposit, and the balance need to be paid before the company issues a full set of registration documents.

Registration Time:

It generally requires 15-25 working days if there is no delay on the road.

Documents Issued after the Complement of the Registration:

1. Company Registration Certificate;

2. Company Organization Outline and detailed regulations;

3. Company stocks;

4. Steel stamp;

5. Signature chapter;

6. Company meeting record and rosters;

7. Company file box.

Company Annual Maintenance:

1. US company annual maintenance service fee is RMB5800;

2. The company's registered address is continued to be provided freely.

Documents acquired for US company Registration:

1. A company license issued by a US state government;

2. US company formation regulations;

3. US company composition regulations;

4. US company stocks;

5. US company seals;

6. Related US company resolution forms.

Opening Bank Accounts:

Opening Bank accounts for US companies (bank accounts can be opened in mainland China foreign banks)

To open a corporate bank account in the United States, legal certificates (passport), registration certificate and federal tax number are required. What’s more, the bank account can be opened just with a Chinese passport and the required company documents if the company representative is in the United States. If the company representative cannot go to the United States in person, he can entrust an agent with US legal status to open an account and sign all documents. However, our company does not provide that service now.